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Need Script In Schedule To Copy D: To F:


There exists third party software to turn the iPhones into a drive again, but I haven't tried it. Alternatively you can add a line to delete the %folder% directory prior to executing the %backupcmd% if you prefer to start clean (and take longer). For example, to backup the administrator profile on 3 remote machines named COMP1, COMP2, and COMP2, you'd need something like: @echo off :: variables set drive=g:\Backup set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d hope to get an answer soon though I know it is long ago you provided this answer Report Luke- Oct 25, 2009 at 03:23 PM Hey, they're called switches - they're navigate here

And that's it. Just xcopy /s c:\source d:\target You'd probably want to tweak a few things; some of the options we also add include these: /s/e - recursive copy, including copying empty directories. /v What do I need to do to replace the previous day's backup? It is working great.

Batch File To Copy Files From One Folder To Another

My friend lost her HKSAR passport, how can she return to HK from Chile, via the US or transiting elsewhere? Thanks in advance. This may be because we are using robocopy scripts to backup Netware NSS volumes but when we use the /FFT command switch we get robocopy cannot find the specified file error. Award BIOS F13 Memory 16GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 @ 661 MHz Dual Channel (9-9-9-24) Graphics Card EVGA NVidia GTX 560 1024MB Sound Card Realtek Integrated Monitor(s) Displays Dual Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS

If you need to copy to more destinations, use /a (it will copy all files with the archive bit set) to the first destinations, and for the last operation use /m, Make sure you only delete what you want to delete. -Jacob Reply Goulart says: July 7, 2016 at 9:28 am Thak You! Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? Batch File To Copy Files From One Computer To Another The xcopy command will begin copying files as instructed after you confirm with a key press.

Alien message: arrows and sequence order Is the USA murder rate at a high? Batch File Copy Folder To Another Location In the example below, I have 3 folders (Data1, Data2, and Data3) containing some data that I wish to backup. Award BIOS F13 Memory 16GB Corsair Vengance DDR3 @ 661 MHz Dual Channel (9-9-9-24) Graphics Card EVGA NVidia GTX 560 1024MB Sound Card Realtek Integrated Monitor(s) Displays Dual Samsung SyncMaster 2494HS regards Alan G agoodjohn, Mar 20, 2002 #10 codejockey Joined: Feb 11, 2002 Messages: 1,405 Well, rats! -- I just spent some time trying things on my Windoze 2000 Pro

Read this FAQ for more info. Xcopy Batch File asked 7 years ago viewed 683804 times active 10 months ago Get the weekly newsletter! Look around on this blog, and learn some of his tricks. About · Advertising · Terms of Use · Privacy & Cookies News Glossary of Terms FAQs Polls Cool Links SpeedGuide Teams SG Premium Services SG Gear Store Registry Tweaks Broadband Tools

Batch File Copy Folder To Another Location

I came with this solution: @ECHO ON SETLOCAL SET SourceDir=C:\test1 SET TargetDir=Z:\test2 SET tempFolderName=@_Copy_in_progress_DO_NOT_USE_@ SET LogFile=D:\LogPath\Logfile.txt ROBOCOPY "%SourceDir%" "%SourceDir%\%tempFolderName%" /E /MOVE /NS /NP /v /W:0 /R:0 /LOG:%LogFile% /XD "%SourceDir%\%tempFolderName%" sleep 5 The variables makes it easy to change the source and destination with out any confusion, plus are really quick to change. @ECHO OFF SETLOCAL Set -source="\\changeme-PC\sourcefolder\" Set -dest="\\changeme2-PC\destinationfolder\" SET _what= /COPY:DAT Batch File To Copy Files From One Folder To Another If no destination is listed, the files or folders will be copied to the same folder you run the xcopy command from. Batch File To Copy Files From One Folder To Another On Network The /mir will only copy changes.

Essentially you've created a guide for delayed manual "RAID-1". Well done, Golden! Instead of spending a lot of time figuring out the syntax parameters you can use my commands. Server Based Network Guide Tom\'s Easy Home Networking Uncapping, The makings of a Semi-Myth How to Backup using Batch Files Ramdisk Guide SSD Linux Tweaks SSD Speed Tweaks Windows 2k/XP Tweaks Batch File To Copy Files From One Server To Another

Can a TV station refuse a politically oriented advertisement which does not comply with its editorial line? I used ‘>”, it would delete the log and start all over. Note ROBOCOPY is a FOLDER copier, not a FILE copier - the source and destination syntax arguments in ROBOCOPY can only be folder names. Sign up now.

The system will generate them again, if it needs them. Batch Copy I have below ex: from \Oldeserver\storage\data & files to \New server\storage\data & files. I use Robocopy in combination with online backup.

For more information please refer to this tutorial by Orbital Shark: Task Scheduler - Create New Task I hope this brief tutorial helps you access the power and simplicity of ROBOCOPY

I am practicing at home before going out to the client. The backup strategy This is a basic backup strategy that you can modify for your exact needs. Who is this character on the Star Wars: A New Hope poster? Cannot Perform A Cyclic Copy Since temporary files and cookies change, your backed up directories will keep increasing with unnecessary files.

Many of our MVP's that attend conferences can testify that SevenForums has by far the best tutorials out there. Robocopy can delete data faster than anything if you do something the wrong way. A mirror backup with the source and destination the wrong way around will erase your data faster, than you can spell ‘Oh Nooooo!’. Armed with this info, I was able to create scripts and was backing user folders to my newly configured Linux server in a matter of minutes.

to get a list of all the possible switches example: xcopy /h /e /c /k "\\pcname\share\directory\subdirectory" "C:\documents and settings\jmklss" Helpful +11 Report xpcman 17127Posts Wednesday October 8, 2008Registration date ContributorStatus February Continue Reading Up Next Up Next Article How to Use the Net User Command in Windows Up Next Article How to Use the Net Use Command in Windows Up Next Article All photos are licensed Creative Commons Non-Commercial v4.0 Images are protected by pixsy.com CategoriesCategories Select Category Amsterdam(8) Armenia(3) Australia(5) Backup strategies(1) Before and After(69) Belgium(8) Chicago(5) Denmark(67) eBook(2) France(16) Germany(4) Iceland(3) codejockey, Mar 19, 2002 #9 agoodjohn Thread Starter Joined: Apr 5, 1999 Messages: 310 thanks both for your advice using codejockeys xcopy /e /h /i c:\agt d:\agt is excactly what I

The IP That Just Wouldn\'t Stick. The backup will never finish if you just have one single file that is permanently locked. /REG This one saves new default values on /W and /R to the registry. Simply copy and paste the lines into a blank text document, and then edit as appropriate. What I have not been able to do is to copy image files from my phone.

ie if there are spaces in the path ie if you have: "C:\Some Folder\*.txt" but not required if you have: C:\SomeFolder\*.txt share|improve this answer edited Jul 26 '13 at 19:31 Morgan Alternatively, there is a simpler one-line method of deleting specific subdirectories after backing up. Parameter Description /MOV This tells robocopy to move files from the source to the destination. When the job restarts, robocopy will skip all files already synchronized.