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Need Help To Oc My Memory!


Using a fixed processor multiplier (i.e. Run an application that really exercises the memory at each FSB speed to see if you're stable (see Testing below). thank you very much with the memory though. Remember though, you are overclocking the CPU as well…04. have a peek here

No selling. Do not attempt to circumvent this rule by any means. This change occurs as follows: Below 166 MHz, the multiplier is 1.25. This type memory is the most common, cost effective, and arguably best RAM option currently available.

How To Overclock Ram Ddr4

Safety first! solved Can I change out my CPU for a better/faster one? Memory performance is very important to the overall performance of your overclock. If it doesn't, go down by 2.

As with the CPU upgrade, tweak, save, reboot, and give the new settings a stress test by running free benchmarking software such as Heaven 2.0 or by playing a graphics-intensive game Consider PMs as a safer way to hand out keys. Rule #9 Do not mark your post as NSFW or as Spoiler unless it actually is NSFW or a Spoiler. How To Overclock Ram Ddr3 1333 To get more performance from your processor, you need to increase one of these two variables.

Tweaking in the AMD Catalyst Control Center.Open the utility for your card, and locate the clock speed controls for your GPU's processor and memory. How To Overclock Ram Ddr3 Usually, it's a good idea to overclock your CPU or RAM separately, not both at the same time. If you haven't overclocked your processor yet, we'd recommend that you do that first, and the guide we just mentioned will teach you everything you'll need to know to be able Make sure that you leave your current cpu voltage ( vcore) at what it was before you started overclocking your memory, since we don't want to have to worry about the

Here are my current specs.Intel i7 6700kMotherboard: ASUS z170 sabertooth whitecooler: Kraken x61Ram: Galax DDR4 4000mhz overclockedGPU: Galax gtx 1080 HOFPSU: Evga 1000w G2 SSD: SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 512GBCase: Corsair Should I Overclock My Ram Here I will provide some detail related to the two main types of memory in use today, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM and RDRAM. This feature of SDRAM allows it to deliver data at burst rates of up to 100 MHz while using a FSB of 66 MHz. solved Help needed: memory won't overclock very well solved Can I Still Use My Triple Channel Memory on Current Motherboards?

How To Overclock Ram Ddr3

Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM): SDRAM employs the fact that most PC memory accesses are sequential, ie. Makes OCing the CPU easier. How To Overclock Ram Ddr4 Enter the BIOS The BIOS: Incomprehensible to some, but to the overclocker it's home. How To Overclock Ram In Bios Pentiums will behave differently than my AMD.

Reply to Mistakilla Rogue LeaderSep 14, 2016, 11:50 PM Mistakilla said: When it gave me the error it showed 1.4v in purple? navigate here PC800 = 4*100 = 3*133 = 3.2 GB/s PC1066 = 4*133 = 4.2 GB/s Note that conventional RDRAM boards don't give options beyond low 150's for FSB. Surf those forums/threads for help. I'm running 2-2-5-2 on my Corsair 3000 CAS 2. (See Lostcircuits.com or Speed Demonz radiativenz - my favorite - should you need help with the meaning of such things as 2-2-5-2.) Ram Overclocking Software

Set Your RAM to its Maximum Multiplier This can be accomplished by either directly increasing the RAM speed to the maximum the BIOS will allow (at its current BCLK), by increasing Is that all there is to it? While in the BIOS, also lower the multiplier on your CPU (when the CPU is locked, the multiplier is fixed and cannot be changed) - maybe 8. Check This Out but only in GermanyApple orders 160m OLED displays from Samsung for iPhoneIntel's new 48-core Xeon: 200MHz faster, costs $8898AMD to host Capsaicin event during GDC 2017View More News PostsForum ActivityWhat are

Knowing me, knowing CPU …which makes it harder to pinpoint exactly how much extra performance is coming from memory. How To Overclock Ram Without Bios Once you've increased these timings, continue with the previous overclocking procedure, and if you hit another road block, you can keep increasing these timings in this way until you achieve your Adjust your memory multiplier by selecting a preset overclock option or by typing in the RAM clock speed.

solved Am getting "Some AMD 970 chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Vishera CPUs." warning solved New memory not working in old Motherboard ( H57H-am2 v2.0 )

But if you want to keep the ramspeed as is, just reduce the ram multiplier as you increase the base clock. I summarize this behavior in the following table:


FSB change from asynchronous to synchronous

Synchronous Behavior BIOS Switchable?

Memory multiplier change

PCI multiplier change

If you didn't figure out your maximum BCLK when you overclocked your CPU and want to learn what it is, then read Determining Your Maximum BCLK (Base Clock) Frequency - i7, Overclocking Ram Guide Rule #6 The following will be removed at moderator discretion: 6.1: Content that is unrelated, especially unoriginal, or low-effort/low-quality (including simple website/software bugs, steam/product reviews, steam gift messages and internet speed

DDR works on both "sides" of the clock cycle (positive portion and negative portion), so its rate (frequently noted as bandwidth) is doubled, hence the name. We created Reddit's most popular Wiki. Does such a drastic difference between both frequency values (overclocked CPU, default RAM) affect stability? this contact form Builds Social Media PCMR History Meet the Team No Memes Peasantry Free click here for GoG flair and more Official Subreddit of the PC Master Race We're the largest community of

This is a normal subreddit with tongue-in-cheek and satirical humor elements. Yes, this takes a lot of time!You may wish to jump to 166 FSB once you've tested stock. (I believe that that is the point at which one or more multipliers Owning a console does not necessarily make you a 'peasant'. i need help with the motherboard.

The clock controls the Front-Side Bus (FSB) and the different components use that bus speed to determine their own speed. With K-Series chips, you can easily modify the multiplier from the ‘Performance' settings in your BIOS. Yes, this is low but you want the CPU to be stable as you increase the FSB, so you make sure it is running slow. (By the way, CPU speed is solved Should i go with faster memory with a bus overclock or is multiplier overclock with slower memory better?

solved Will I need more cooling/better power supply to overclock my cpu/gpu? Overclocking Your Memory Yes, you can overclock your RAM, too. Users giving away physical items must provide photo proof of ownership (including their username and date) in the giveaway thread. However, if you're overclocking to your maximum BCLK, you'll need to lower your CPU multiplier, so it won't get overclocked any higher as we overclock the memory.

First, open up CPU-Z and flip to the ‘SPD' (Serial Presence Detect) tab to look at your machine's memory specs. For example, PC 1600 = DDR200 = 1.6 GB/s PC 2100 = DDR266 = 2.1 GB/s PC 2700 = DDR333 = 2.7 GB/s PC 3200 = DDR400 = 3.2 GB/s Note Rule #10 Screenshots of "peasantry," namely of conversations on Reddit and other websites where ignorance is being spewed and/or ridiculed, must be text posts. We're also going to touch on some the best ways to optimize your overclocked system (once you know your maximum BCLK, processor, and memory speed), so you'll be able to realize

But if you're overclocking, why should you stop there. There are some interesting new changes that come with the new standard, and I will cover those today.    In the slide above, you will notice that most of DDR4's advantages