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Moving Address Book From Windows 98 To Windows Xp Pro


However, by following the procedure in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Q262118, you can use Windows Explorer to create new folders and move mail from the "old" (original) folder to the new As a test, I suggest creating a dummy mail folder and copying some mail you want to save into it. transferring SW to new computer Data Transfer Rate Transferring files/docs from win98 to xp Transferring files from XP to 95 via irda can someone tell me how to transfer files from And that in 98 are in a folder with the same name but in another location that is very similar to this one and that you can find if you make his comment is here

In Windows 98, the default location for e-mail is C:\WINDOWS\ Application Data\ Identities\{hexadecimal string} \Microsoft\Outlook Express, while in Windows XP the default storage location is C:\Documents and Settings\{computer user name}\Local Settings\Application When importing, you need to specify "other address book" and then browse to find the .cvs file. If you want all the messages do the same for the messages. In this way you can safely move mail from on PC to another.

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This may sound complicated and confusing. In general, Outlook Express mail is stored in one folder on the hard drive, with each Outlook Express folder, which can contain any number of individual messages, stored as a single It may tak several attempts, but I have successfully changed the default folder without losing any mail. Setting and File Transfer Wizard Windows Messenger File Transfer file transfer file transfers Asking advice on Good Win XP book what's the best book for troubleshooting WinXP New to XP- Looking

By mahesktb on Dec 17 As for address book transfer, you need to save the file as a comma separated values (.cvs) text file. As for mail storage and transfer to WinXP, go to the Microsoft Knowledge base and look for article Q262118. This can be changed, but this will affect only mail stored after this change. Import Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail Windows 10 Note, however, that if you have divided your OE address book into folders, you will first have to put all addresses into your main identities contacts, as only these will be

To find where the mail is stored, do a search for *.dbx (with all files, including hidden, to be shown) on the same partition on which the operating system (usually C) You do this by going to the Tools menu and selecting Options and then Maintenance and then clicking on Store Folder where the current path (location) where e-mail is currently stored Quesby Blogs Forum Register Log in Forum Transfer OE Address book By: hasitjho, Dec 17, Views: 290 Tagged: windows-xp I By shalidah on Dec 17 Didn't find what you were looking for?

What files do I copy from the WIN98 machine and where do I put them in the WIN XP HOME machine. 2 Answers Found In outlook express you can try Migrate Outlook Express To Thunderbird Then follow the procedure in Q262118 to save this folder to a floppy, delete it from the mail folder, and then copy it back from the floppy to the mail folder. Do this before doing anything drastic to get the feel of it. transferring files?

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You can also copy the files to the folder in xp C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{4B0ED219-92C6-421F-BC95-29CD2EC75DA3}\Microsoft\Outlook Express. Outlook Express 6 provides the option of specifying the storage location. Import Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail Windows 7 Find more on Transfer OE Address book Related Forum Post moving the address book XP Office 2002 Outlook Address Book Synchronizing Hormail Address book Address book & mail files address book Transfer Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail On New Computer The resulting file will most likely fit onto a floppy.

To ease the process, I put the folder name for each contact in the business phone number block, and then can sort on this to resort the folders after import.